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.303 Brass Cartridge Poppies with
NATO 5.56 Cartridge Belt © 2004


Poppies of War & Peace

Making of the commemorative brooches


World War 1 Centenary


The poppy is made in two parts. The central stem is made from the original brass cartridge.  A butterfly form encompasses the percussion cap end of the cartridge completing the poppy flower representation.  Each cartridge poppy brooch has a hand-made sight/hinge and barrel catch attachment with a stainless steel pin. The year of manufacture (e.g. 1944), maker's mark initials (e.g. CAC – Colonial Ammunition Company in Auckland) and batch number in roman numerals (e.g. VII) are significant markings on each .303 cartridge cap.

Cartridge Options:
Poppies are available in three basic sizes depending on the diameter-size of the cartridge head; .303 cartridges from WWI / WWII (1940 – 1945) Korean War (1950 – 1953). Approximate dimensions for a .303 poppy is; 80mm long and 25mm across the flower head.

NATO cartridges poppies; 5.56 & 7.62 Vietnam (1964 – 1972) and current Iraq & Afghanistan deployments. Approximate dimensions for a NATO poppy is 65-70mm long and 15-20mm across the flower head.
Colour Options:
Poppies are available in powder-coated tones; red, black and white, cost for colour options can be gained 'price-on-enquiry'. 
Precious metal Options:
Yellow-red gold, pure white-silver & red-copper poppy heads are available and the cost for these options can be gained 'price-on-enquiry'.

The price for a brass poppy brooch is NZ$500.00.
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